ProfileTab The Profile tab contains the basic contact information for both Applicants and Clients.  A record must exist for an applicant or client on the Profile tab before records with this person’s name can be added to the other tabs.  Applicants are coded ‘A’ and Clients are coded ‘C’ in the ‘A/C’ box on the Profile tab.  Duplicate names of the same type are not allowed in Gopher; however, one person might be in your Gopher as both an applicant and a client.  If you do have two people with the same name, a unique middle initial must be added to one of the individual’s profile records in order for you to distinguish between the two. 

Example:  If John Brown has a profile record of type ‘A’ another applicant named John Brown cannot be added unless a unique middle initial is entered (i.e. John 1 Brown).  However, if an individual named John Brown is both an applicant and a client, a unique middle initial is not needed.


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