The first five buttons, top left, initiate the Add, Delete, Change, Find and Do It commands (referred to as command buttons).  To use command buttons a tab must be selected and the button must be in the enabled state, for example, the button must show color.  Once the desired tab is selected, the buttons can be activated by:

      Positioning the mouse pointer on the button and clicking.

      Selecting the command from the Menu Bar by clicking on Commands.

      Pressing shortcut keys.

The buttons beginning with the sixth and going to the end of the tool bar activate the Planner, Fax, Printing, resume importing, MS Word, Reports, Repeat Find, Copy Record, Internet, Load, MS Access, Excel and List tools.

Note:  Many of the tool bar buttons have different features depending upon whether they are clicked with the RIGHT or LEFT mouse button.  You may assume to click with the LEFT mouse button unless the feature being described in the documentation specifically states to click with the RIGHT mouse button.