The Menu Bar is the second row from the top of the Gopher screen.  Each menu item is activated by either clicking on the word or pressing Alt and the underlined letter in the word at the same time. When activated, a drop down menu list appears for selection.


Selection on the menu is made by:

      Moving the highlighted selection bar with the up or down arrows and pressing Enter.

      Placing the mouse pointer on the item and clicking.

      Pressing the underlined letter while holding down the Alt key.  The drop down menu will also display any shortcut keys available for each menu selection.

The Gopher menu topics are:


Exits Gopher


Provides an alternative method to the tool bar buttons for initiating or canceling an Add, Delete, Change and Find on the selected tab.


Provides the ability to toggle between viewing and removing notes on the Note Pad.  Also provides the ability to change the Gopher database.


Opens Outlook or Gopher Email in order to compose and send an e-mail message to the selected applicant or client.  A resume, memo or position may be attached.

Hot Lists

Provides the ability to save and recall queries by name.  The results of the query are listed in a table format.


Provides options to run reports from Crystal  Reports, MS Excel or MS Access.


Provides direct access to the Lessons portion of Gopher Help.

Recruiter’s Corner

Provides direct access to the Recruiting Tips portion of the Gopher Help.


Provides the ability to import applicant resumes, contacts from the web and clients from BroadLook.


Provides the ability to export records to the go4export.mdb database, as well as to export contacts to BroadLook.


Provides the ability to insert Mail Merge fields into Memo’s being created for outbound emailing.


Provides the ability to view all established target lists, either by applicant or position.


When the Planner tab is selected, provides options for actions to take on the Planner.


Provides access to Gopher Help (Contents, Search and Index) and About Gopher.