Outlook Toolbar Setup

The Gopher Outlook "Add On" toolbar enhances the rapid importing of resumes into Gopher.

1. Make sure that Outlook is completely closed.

2. Download the installation files from our website. 

a. Go to www.go4recruitingsoftware.com and click on downloads on the left side of the page. 

b. On the Downloads page, click on Gopher Outlook Toolbar Install. 

c.  A dialog box will come up asking if you want to run or save.  Click Save and save the installation file to either your desktop for a single workstation installation or a location on your network that each workstation has access to for multi-user installations.

3. Double click on the Go4OutlookToolbarInstaller.zip file – this will open a window showing the contents of the file.

4. Double click on the Setup.exe file. 

5. When it asks for the install path, choose C:\Program Files\Go4Toolbar

6. Click to install for anyone that users the computer.

7. Accept the rest of the defaults and complete the installation.

8. Open Outlook.

9. In the configuration dialog that comes up, for the Gopher Resumes Folder, click Select and browse to your C:\Program Files\Go4…\Resumes folder then click OK.

10.    Click Save.

11.    Your toolbar is now setup and ready for use. For information on how to use this toolbar, refer to the Office Integration section of this manual.