Opening Bookmarks

To open Bookmarks in order to work with an already existing list or to create a new list, click Hot Lists on the Gopher menu bar and select Bookmarks.  A window will open similar to the one pictured here:




The listing of existing bookmarks is available on the left side of the pane.  To view the names on a list, highlight the list name.  In the example above, we are viewing the names that were added to the YellowDog list.


The Bookmarks window can be resized and placed anywhere on your screen.  You may also minimize the Bookmarks window if you would like to remove it from your screen, but keep it open.


You will notice that the bookmark list that you have most recently worked with will always be named in Gopher on the bottom status bar. 




Next to the list name, you will see how many names are associated with the list.  You can double click the list name in order to open Bookmarks.  In the screen shot example above, you see my Gopher status bar.  YellowDog is the name of the bookmark list I have most recently worked with.  I can double click YellowDog and Bookmarks will open with the YellowDog list selected.