On First Workstation

1. Be certain everything is closed on the workstation where Gopher is being installed.  This would include disabling anti-virus software.  This step is very important.

2. Download the installation files from our website. 

a. Go to www.go4recruitingsoftware.com and click on downloads on the left side of the page. 

b. On the Downloads page, click on Gopher Install file as indicated in your Introduction Email.

c.  A dialog box will come up asking if you want to run or save.  Click Save and save the installation file to a location on your network that each workstation has access to.

3. Double click the downloaded file you saved to your network (Go4Setup…).  If prompted, the password for the file can be found in your Gopher Introduction email.  This will start the install of the new version.  Accept all defaults during the installation process.  A dialog will come up when the installation is complete.

4. Go to My Computer and browse to your C:\Program Files\Go4…\Mdb folder.

5. Copy the Go4Demo.mdb file from that folder and paste it into your Go4ProductionDB folder on your shared drive.

6. Rename the Go4Demo.mdb file to your company name (e.g. BlackDogRecruiters.mdb) as given in your introductory email.  This will be your production Database. 

7. You will now see a new Gopher icon on your desktop.  Double click to open your new Gopher.  When launching the program, two boxes will come up.  The first will state that session log is missing and it will attempt to start one.  Click OK.  The next box will ask you the location of the license file.  Browse to the your network drive to the Go4ProductionDB folder where your license file is and choose the Go4Usr.mdb file

8. The login will come up.  Put in your user initials from the introductory email. Click login.

9. You will get a message that the database needs to link.  Click OK

10.    Verify that you have access to the your database with the demo records by doing the following:

a. Click the Profile tab.

b. Click the Find button FindButton in the toolbar, type * in the Name box and click the Do It button in the toolbarDoItButton.  You should see approximately 53 database records.

11.    Click on Import in the toolbar and go down to Import from Sovren and then arrow over to the appropriate Quarter parser Key.

12.    In the box that comes up, copy and paste the entire parsing key (including any trailing punctuation) from your Introduction Email and click ok.

13.    Click on Import in the toolbar and go down to Import from Sovren and check Sovren Local Conversion and Parse.

14.    Close Gopher.

15.    Go to your start button and click on All programs and find the BlackDog program group.  Arrow over to the right and choose Gopher Options.

16.    The login to Gopher Options is GO4 (Capital G, Capital O).  There is no password set yet so just click OK when asked for the password.

17.    Click to the DB Security Tab.

18.    Complete the field that “Current Resume Link Path for *yourdatabase name* with the following: Z:\Go4ProductionDB\Go4LinkedResumes\YourCompanyName.  Replace Z with the mapped drive letter you are using on your network for the shared Gopher data location.

19.    Close Gopher Options.

20.    Proceed to the Office Integration Setup to complete your Gopher installation.