Objection #8: “Send resume

What if the manager insists on a resume before committing to an interview? Remember a resume is a screening tool used to eliminate candidates, not qualify them.  If the manager insists on a resume, here is what you might want to say:

      “Is there something about this man that I haven't told you? What else do you want to know?”

      “Do you have a specific opening?”

      Yes, get the position.  Compare your person to the position requirements and resell applicant.

      No, qualify this 'opening?' as a lead, and think seriously about declining to send the resume.

      “This is a hot applicant who will be hired soon.  You can't afford the time.”

      “He/she is currently employed and is working with us in confidence.  He will be glad to meet with you.”

      “We have several interested clients but the applicant will not permit us to circulate his/her resume.”

      “The resume doesn't show this person's drive, desire and determination.”

      “It sounds like you have had a bad experience with an agency.  We are an executive search firm and find our people through an extensive network that sifts out only the best.  Because of our fees, we can't provide even mediocre people.”

      “I have interviewed this man at great length and have a thorough understanding of his capabilities.  In fact, many things came out in our interview that aren't even on his/her resume.  From my understanding of your requirements, I would like to do this, set up a time, and if you feel after the interview, that he/she was not accurately presented, I'll buy you a lunch and do it your way.”

      “Try me out just this once.  It doesn't cost you anything to look.  I want you to see the caliber of people we represent.”

      “Of course, I don't guarantee that you will hire him, but I do guarantee that when you meet him/her, it will be the person I described to you.  How about noon tomorrow or is late afternoon better?”

All of the above are answers to the only eight known objections in the universe.  Used with confidence and the proper voice they will give you the winning edge by making the difference between a humbling recruiter and a true professional.

Even when they don't work, they work.  You're making a positive professional impression that will be remembered the next time the person is called.  You will stand out!