Objection #4: “Personnel handles all the hiring

“Yes, and I will contact them but now that I have you on the phone, I would like to get the technical aspects first-hand.  You are more qualified technically than the personnel person.  Also, because this person will be working with you, what would be the intangibles for really being able to contribute to your group?”

Another lead to the above response that fits the reply into the rule of “always ask a question first and always make sure that you are going to get a 'yes!’”: 'Yes, I can understand your position, if you had to deal with every headhunter that called, you would never get your work done, would you?” Then you could lead in with, “Well, I'll really try to save your time, since I have you on the phone I may be able to shorten your time with personnel by getting the technical stuff nailed down.”