MS Access

AccessButton The MS Access button will open MS Access with the current query from the current tab.  If the MS Access button is clicked with the RIGHT mouse button, the current Note Pad records are exported and displayed in a MS Access grid. 

This feature is beneficial to the user for a few reasons: 1) MS Access enables you to view the information in a ‘row by row’ format, 2) MS Access enables you to run various reports on the information and 3) MS Access enables you to perform a query that is more complicated than the logic Gopher supports.  The steps to follow to make use of this third feature are as follows:

1.  Perform the basic query in Gopher.

2.  Click AccessButton to bring the results into MS Access. 

3.  Click DesignView, Design View, to perform the secondary, more advanced query.  When the criteria for your query has been selected, click RunQuery to run the query in MS Access.