Memo Tag

The Memo Tag is a way for you to identify the contents of this memo.  The Memo Tag differs from the Memo Title or Subject in the following ways: 1) when emailing the memo, the Subject will automatically be inserted as the Subject of the email.  2) The Memo tag will not be seen by anyone other than Gopher users at your company.  3) The Tag is the unique identifier that will appear on template lists, allowing you to choose which memo template you wish to email to an individual or groups of people.


Example:  You may want to set up various templates containing the verbiage that you wish to send to applicants who send you their resume.  One template would be used if you liked the resume, but don’t have current openings that match their qualifications.  Another template would be used if you did not like the resume, and wouldn’t pursue them in the future.  Still another template would be used if you liked the resume and have openings that you would like to discuss with the applicant.  The Subject of all of these templates might be the same “Received your Resume”.  The Tag for the first template might be “Resume Receipt – No Openings”.  The Tag for the second template might be “Resume Receipt – No Interest” and the Tag for the third template might be “Resume Receipt – Interested”.  When you are then ready to email an applicant, you will easily be able to select the appropriate template you wish to send because the Tags are all unique and clearly identify the contents of the email.