Matching Candidates to Position

Gopher offers a powerful new feature of position/candidate matching.  You select the attributes to base the matching on, and Gopher does the searching for you.  You can start with a broad search, and continue selecting important attributes in order to narrow the results down.  Once you are satisfied with your list, you can quickly add the candidates to a target list, your planner or a bookmark list in order to start working with them. 


To begin the matching process, find the open position you are working with on the Position tab.  Next, open the target list for that position by double clicking in the Gopher# box.  Click Matches on the target list menu bar and select Position Matches

Matching Attributes

And/Or searching in Matching Attributes

Viewing Distance from Job

Sorting the Matches

Dragging name from Matches to Tab

Tab Synch

Viewing Most Current Resume Date

Viewing Keyword Density of Position's Required Skills

Viewing Keyword Density of Required Skills Selected in Attributes

Review: 3 ways of viewing Keyword Density

Adding Names from Matches to Planner

Adding Names from Matches to Target List

Adding Names from Matches to Bookmark List