Marking Planner Actions as Completed

It is recommended that Planner actions are deleted upon completion as opposed to changing the status to Completed primarily because it is much more efficient to have the Note Pad act as the historical document.  The Note Pad is persistent throughout Gopher, meaning that no matter what tab you are on you can view the complete history of every conversation and meeting with someone by reviewing that person’s Note Pad.  The Planner will also become cluttered with ‘old’ data if the status is marked Completed.

That being said, you do have the option of keeping Planner actions on your Planner, but marked as Completed so they do not roll forward to the next day.  To indicate an activity as being complete, follow these steps:

1.  Click in the row containing the action that was completed.

2.  Click ChangeButton.

3.  Click in the ‘S’ column and select ‘Completed’ from the drop down list. 

4.  Click DoItButton to process the change.  The blue C that now appears in the Status column denotes that the activity is complete.