Manually Adding a Tracking Record

AddButton To manually add a new tracking record:

1) Find the applicant on either the Profile or Resume tab.

2) RIGHT click the Tracking tab. 

3) The RIGHT click to the Tracking tab first initiates a find and if any tracking records are found with the applicant’s name, they will be displayed.  You must click the AddButton button to add a new tracking record.

Note:  The fields that are required before you can save the Tracking record are First and Last Name of the applicant, Company the resume was submitted to, Position Number, the Last Name of the client managing the position and the Date the resume was submitted and the default fields that filled in with information when the Add button was clicked.

4) Type the following information:

Company Resume Sent To:  The company name that the resume was submitted to.  The company name must exactly match the company name as it appears on the Position tab.

Position #:  A drop down list will appear with the open positions at the company typed in the Company Resume Sent To box.  Select the applicable position. 

Note:  A position must exist before a tracking record can be started for the resume submittal. 

Last Name of Person Sent To:  This will automatically fill in according to the client name on the position record selected.

Resume Sent:  This will automatically default to today’s date.  You may change as needed.

5) Click the DoItButton button to save the tracking record.


User Defined Fields