Local Area Network Installation with SQL Server Database

Gopher operates from a shared database and other shared files in multi-user environments.  When installing to a local area network, each workstation should have unrestricted access to a common location that will hold the Gopher License File and the Gopher Linked documents.  This is best accomplished through a mapped drive on each workstation.  It is important that each workstation have the SAME mapped drive letter to get to the shared Gopher information.  In addition, each user should have access to the SQL server where the Gopher database is installed.  These instructions presume that you have a working knowledge of MS Access, MS SQL server, SQL server permissioning and you have access to the SQL server SA username and password.

Please contact Gopher Support for specific SQL questions.   



SQL Server Preparation

On your Shared Drive

On First Workstation

On Subsequent Workstations