Linking a File


This Gopher status bar shows that the selected resume record has two files attached.

Files can easily be linked or attached to any Resume, Memo or Position record.  A linked file might consist of a resume for an applicant or a commission agreement for a client or even a picture of someone.  Each Resume, Memo and Position record may have up to five linked files.

1)  Select the desired record on either the Resume, Memo or Position tabs.

2)  Click the green plus sign, AddLinkButton, that is displayed on the Gopher status bar.  A dialog box will appear where the file to be linked should be selected.  Upon clicking Open the file will be linked, with no further steps necessary.


Open Windows Explorer, select from one to five files and  drag and drop the file(s) on the link area, LinkArea, of the Gopher status bar.

Once a file is linked, the green plus sign turns into a link button, LinkButton, and a new green plus sign will appear if there are not already five files linked.  Positioning the mouse over the link button will show the path to the file.