Lesson Three:  Adding Planner Entries

Lesson3  The first tab under the tool bar is the Gopher Planner; its purpose is to organize your time as a recruiter and communicate information to other recruiters and to Gopher.  This exercise depends on features explained in lessons one and two.


1 Select the Position tab and put it into the query state by clicking FindButton.

2 In the First Name box, type Bil* and click the Do It DoItButton button.

3 Observe that a position for Bill Gates comes up.  We are now going to add a planner record for Bill Gates notifying user ANN of the new position.

4 Click the Planner tab with the RIGHT mouse button.  Notice that this puts the Planner tab automatically in the Add state with the name, Bill Gates, already filled in.

5 Click in the Task box and select Look from the drop down list.  Change the For User ID to ANN.  Type ‘New position for Bill Gates’ in the Comments box. 

Note:  If the user ID ‘ANN’ does not appear in the For box, select a user ID other than the user ID that appears in the By box.

6 Click the Do It button.  You have now added a Planner record.


You may now want to look for people who may be qualified for the Bill Gates position.  Let's just say that we looked and want to let the other recruiter, ANN, know that we reviewed the position and may have a lead, Harrison Ford.

1 Select the Profile and put it into the Query state by clicking the Profile tab and then clicking FindButton.  Type Har* in the First Name box and click Do It.  The Harrison Ford record will appear.

2 Click the Planner tab with the RIGHT mouse button 

3 Click the down arrow, ArrowDownButton, at the Task box and select Look from the list box.

4 Tab to the For box and select ANN from the list box (or select the User ID used in Exercise One).

5 Tab to the Comments box.

6 Type in Possible Lead.

7 Click DoItButton.  You have just added a Planner for the other recruiter.  When clicking  DoItButton the Planner is automatically refreshed and the Planner for ANN is no longer on your list.  That Planner will now appear on ANN's list of open Planner items.  Also, you have been placed on the tab you right clicked from, the Profile tab.


These lessons are intended to be reusable and the demonstration records need to be kept in their original form.  Therefore, we need to Delete the records we just added.

1 Query for JIM records in the Planner by entering JIM in the By box while in the Query state.  If you are unsure how to perform this step, review lesson one.

2 Click in the first row containing a record for JIM in order to select that row.  On the tool bar click DeleteButton to begin Delete and click DoItButton to complete Delete

3 Do this for each record found.

You have completed lesson three.