Lesson Six:  Finding Applicants that Match a Position

Lesson6  This lesson introduces the Position record.  At this point in Learning Gopher you should be able to select the Position tab and Query for the four demonstration positions for User JIM.  If you are unsure, review lesson one.   


1 Move to the Bill Gates position.


Let’s find applicants who may be a match for the Bill Gates position used in exercise one.

1 With the LEFT mouse, click the Profile tab.

2 Enter the Query state by clicking the Find button.

3 Move to the Record Type box and type A, which is the code for applicants.

4 Move to the Position Title Code box (the first of the three code boxes).

5 Select SWE from the list box.  This is the code for Software Engineer and is the same code shown on the Bill Gates position in exercise one in the Position Title Code box.

6 Move to the Keyword box.

7 Type in *JAVA* or double click in the Keywords box and select JAVA from the keywords list.  This was a Required Skill on the Bill Gates position.  Double click in the Keywords box again in order to clear the Keywords list from the screen.

8 Click the Do It button and you should have a query list of all applicants who are Software Engineers that have JAVA as a keyword in their profile record.

This exercise illustrates the connection and importance of:

      Keywords in profile records to Required Skills in position records.

      Position Title Codes appearing in both profile and position records.

If you want good matches, consistent coding for

      Keywords in profile records and Required Skills in position records

      Position Title Codes in both profile and position records

is critical.

You have completed lesson six.