Clicking the Lessons menu option will bring on to the screen the Lessons portion of the Gopher help and manual.  It is recommended that you go through the Lessons when first learning Gopher.


You now have the ability to add to the Gopher menu your own links to any web address or file that you want your recruiters to have quick access to, such as:  recruiting tips or your own custom Gopher lessons and tutorials.  The links can be internet addresses or paths to files on your network or individual PC.  The files can be of any type, i.e. Word documents, .pdf, Excel spreadsheets, etc.   


On the Gopher menu bar you will find a menu option named Lessons and another one named Recruiter’s Corner.  Clicking Lessons will open a drop down of Gopher lessons with the first option stating “Custom Lessons – Your Company Name”.  On this sub-menu will appear any links that you have added that are custom for your company.  Clicking Recruiter’s Corner will open a drop down menu of Recruiting tips and tricks that were written by BlackDog Recruiting Software.  The first option on this drop down menu states “Your Company Name”.  Again, you may add custom links here that pertain to your company.


Adding Custom Links to the Gopher Menu Bar