Lesson Four:  Finding Resume Records

  This lesson introduces the Resume tab.  The Resume record contains the narrative of the applicant’s resume.

Note:  Links at the bottom of the screen can also contain resumes.  Refer to the chapter entitled ‘Linking Files’ for more information.

1 Click the Resume tab with the LEFT mouse button.

2 Query for the word Microsoft in the resume body box by

      Entering the Query state

      Typing *Microsoft* in the Resume body box

      Clicking Do It

Note: If you are unsure of how to do the above, review lesson one.

3 Review the record(s) selected by clicking the ArrowToRight button.  One of them should be Isaac Newton.

4 Scroll the narrative portion by clicking the up and down arrows on the right side of the Resume body box.  The keyword Microsoft is red and is larger than the other text for emphasis of the ‘query’ word.

Once a Resume record is selected it can be

      Edited with MS Word.


      E-mailed to a client.

      Linked with a file.

Note:  Before a record can be edited with MS Word you must set up Gopher to know where MS Word is by using the User tab in Gopher Options.

You have completed lesson four.