Lesson Five:  Finding Memo Records

LES5  This lesson introduces the Memo tab.  At this point in the Gopher lessons you should be able to query for the Al Gore letter.  If you are unsure, review lesson one.  Memo records are connected to a complete correspondence system, which uses MS Word for Editing (including spell checking) and Outlook or Gopher Email for Emailing.

Because the memo system is built into the Gopher database you can:

1 Quickly, with a RIGHT click, move to the other tabs and information related to the selected record will automatically appear:

CalendarTabButton Planner

ProfileTabButton Profile

ResumeTabButton Resume

PositionTabButton Position

TrackingTabButton Tracking

2 Print envelopes, letters and memos without preprinted letterhead.  Gopher produces professional quality letterhead based on entries in Gopher Options and Profile records.

3 Automatically trigger marketing letters, follow-up letters, invoices etc.

4 Send a memo record as an e-mail attachment or as the text of a message.

5 Link a file to a memo record.

You have completed lesson five.