For notes that pertain to a particular job order, you may select the job number in order to assign the note to that job.  This enables you to quickly view all notes pertaining to a specific job, in addition to using the job number for reporting purposes.  A new feature on the target list is the ability to view all notes for that position.  When performing certain functions within Gopher, the job number will automatically be assigned to the note.  You may also manually assign the job number to any note you are adding, by clicking in the Job box of the new note and selecting the applicable job number from the drop down of open positions that appears.


Note:  Assigning the job number to notes is an optional feature.  If you do not wish to use it, you may remove from your view the Job column on the Note Pad.  To toggle this column on or off, click Options on the Gopher menu bar and check/uncheck Show Related Job.