Importing a Text File

Open the resume in MS WORD that you would like to import into Gopher.  On the bottom of MS WORD you will see a Gopher toolbar that contains a button saying ‘Save Doc and Text’.  Click this button.  This will generate a new file and convert the resume to a text format.

Note:  If you do not see the ‘Save Doc and Text’ button, click File and Save As.  Be sure to save the file as a text file (in the Save as Type box) and save the file in your go4\Resumes folder.

Apply the following format to the text document.

Line 1:   Full Name

Line Callout 2 (No Border): These lines must not contain labels such as: 'E-mail', 'Home Phone', 'Title', etc.  If the information is not available on the resume the line must be left empty.Line 2:   Address

Line 3:   City State Zip

Line 4:   Office Phone

Line 5:   Home Phone

Line 6:   Cell Phone

Line 7:   Fax/Other Number

Line 8:   E-Mail

Line 9:   Company Name

Line 10:  Current Title


The eleven lines outlined above will be imported into Gopher as the profile record of the applicant and the remainder of the document will be imported as the resume.  Gopher will automatically load keywords based on matches to the keywords table.

Once the text file has been formatted, in Gopher you will do the following:

1) Click Import on the menu bar and click Import resume from text file.

3) Click Select Files for Importing.

4) In the ‘Folder’ box, select the go4\Resumes folder.

Note:  Gopher accepts only files that end with .txt

5) In the ‘Files’ box, select the resumes you wish to import.  If selecting multiple resumes, use the Ctrl or Shift key while clicking on the file names.

6) If you wish to change the defaults associated with the resume being imported, do so now in the ‘Profile Defaults’ section.

7) If you wish to select the position(s) that the applicant might be a good match for, do so now by clicking View Positions for import selections (above the ‘Files’ box) and selecting the applicable position(s).  The selected positions will be saved to the applicant’s target list.  For more information on target lists, refer to “Target Lists” in the “Working with Lists” chapter.  Click Close position list to remove the positions from the screen.

8) When you are ready to import the resume(s), click the BeginTextImportButton button.  You will see Gopher processing the resume(s).