Importing a Resume from a Text File

The other method of importing resumes is importing a text file.  This method of importing is available to everyone who purchases Gopher.

During the Text File import process, the following occurs in Gopher:

      A Profile record is created for the candidate.  The body of the resume will be scanned for keywords in the Gopher keyword dictionary and any matches will be saved in the Skills box of the profile record.

      A Resume record is created in Gopher.  This is a text version of the resume enabling you to perform searches.

      The original resume is saved to the folder specified on the ‘DB Security’ tab of Gopher Options and linked to the Resume record in Gopher.  This enables you to quickly open the resume in the associated application and make any needed changes to it or print it.  Refer to “Linking a File” in the “Linking Files” chapter for more information on linked files. 

      A Planner record is created in order for you to quickly determine the resumes submitted and therefore the names of the candidates to follow up with.

      A Note Pad record is added for the candidate with the comment ‘Text file import’.  This only occurs if the Gopher Notes feature is turned on in Gopher Options. 

      The skills that are found on the resume are compared with the required skills on each open job order.  If matches are found Gopher will add the job order(s) to the candidate's target list.  This is not a guarantee that the candidate is indeed a match for the positions, however, it is something to make notice of.


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