Gopher Options Overview

Gopher Options provides the tools for you to tailor Gopher to your specific needs.  There are two types of options:  user specific and database specific.  User specific options pertain to an individual user’s ID.  Database specific options are for the entire database and all users of the database.  Gopher allows for the creation of more than one database.  With Gopher Options you determine:

      Log on ID's, MS Word and Email interfaces, and Gopher databases to access by clicking the User tab.

      Codes for list boxes by clicking the Codes tab.

      Keywords available for selection by clicking the Keywords tab.

      Captions of the user defined fields by clicking the Captions tab.

      Defaults for adding records by clicking the Defaults tab.

      Passwords and resumes link path by clicking the DB Security tab.

      Database options and sub-web setup information by clicking the DB Options tab.

      User options by clicking the User Options tab.

      Security options such as SQL user names/passwords by clicking the User Security tab.

      Gopher Outlook Email Options by clicking on the User Security tab.

Note:  Gopher should be closed when making changes in Gopher Options.