Getting the Interview (Making the Client Call)

Review the Gopher Note Pad records on the person if available and use the information in your presentation.

Make the call by asking for the person.  When the hiring source answers the phone, respond with good volume, enthusiasm, confidence and absolute conviction that you are providing a valuable service.  Tell him/her who you are and what you do and then, without a pause, present your candidate in no more than three sentences and then wait for a reply no matter how much dead silence:  WAIT!  If the manager starts asking questions, answer them quickly and go for an interview time.  If the manager begs off on an interview time and wants a resume, try to get a conditional time for cancellation if the resume doesn't check out with what you have described.  You should make at least three attempts for an interview time without a resume.

Even if you don't overcome objections and don't get the interview or even a position, remember, you earn your money from information and rapport.  Get information for the next time you call and get to know the individual.  Here is a list of information that would help the next call:

      “Have you used agencies?”

      “How is business?” (expanding, losing money)

      “Who is your toughest competition?”

      “How many people in DP?”

      “What kind of a company is it to work for”

      “Can I get some brochure information or web address?”

      “How long have you been there, at the present position?”

      “We like to stay in touch with birthday cards.  What's the month and day of your birthday?”

      “What areas are you responsible for?”

      “What are your major goals?”

      “In evaluating Search Firms, what do you look for?”

      “Off the record, what's the biggest challenge facing you in your present position?”

If the client refuses to provide information, then your final words should be “Thank you for your courtesy and time.  I will just send you some information on our company and check in with you at a later time to see if things have changed.”