Finding Planner Actions

To find a Planner record:

1.  Click the Find button, FindButton.  This causes the grid to go blank and exposes all the columns for entering query information. 

2.  Enter the information to search by.  If you are searching for Planner actions within a date range, type the date range in the ‘Time’ box.

3.  Click the Do It button, DoItButton, when you are ready to execute the query. 

The results of a query no longer apply to a particular day so the caption changes from ‘My Plan for …’ to ‘Find list for Planner entries’.  This innovation, like the Note Pad, preserves the valuable feature which distinguishes Gopher from its competition and other contact managers.  The feature is the ability to retrieve any information from a Gopher database based on any field in the database.  The competition and other contact management systems only provide limited access to the information in the database. 

Sample Queries:
1)  To display only To Do actions for JIM for 06/01/04:  Click the Find button, select Call from the Task column, type 06/01/04 in the Time box, select JIM in the For box and click Do It.
2)  To find all Planner actions containing the word ‘Microsoft’:  Click the Find button, type *Microsoft* in the Comments box and click Do It.


Viewing another Recruiter's Planner