Export to Go4export.mdb

To export records within Gopher to a separate MS Access database, follow the steps outlined below:

1.  Perform a Find on the Profile tab for the records you wish to export.

2.  Click Export on the menu bar and click Export to Go4export.mdb.

3.  An ‘Exporting’ dialog window will appear, informing you that Planner, Note Pads, Positions, Resumes, Memos, Tracking and Snap Shots associated with each record will also be exported.  Click OK to Confirm the export.

4.  The database containing the exported records will be called go4export.mdb and can be found in your go4\mdb folder (i.e. c:\Program Files\go4\mdb).  It is important that you copy this file to a separate folder immediately after exporting the records as go4export.mdb is used by Gopher and will be overwritten.  Once the file has been copied to its new location, you may rename it. 

Note:  Be certain you copy go4export.mdb to a separate folder as opposed to moving it as this file is required by Gopher.  Also, be certain that you rename it in its new location and not in the Go4...\mdb folder.    

The new database can be opened in Gopher by using ‘Change DB’ on the Options menu.  Refer to Change DB for more information.