Email Resume

To email a candidate’s resume to a client for an open position, follow the steps outlined below:

1.  Find the position on the Position tab that you are submitting the candidate to.

2.  Find the candidate’s resume on the Resume tab you wish to email.

3.  Click Outlook on the Gopher menu bar and select Email Resume.  Select the applicable position on the menu that opens.

4.  SelectingResumeTypeWhen the “Selecting resume type” box opens, you will make sure Links is selected, and highlight the linked resume you wish to email.  You may highlight multiple files to attach to the email if desired.

5.  A new Outlook email message will open and will be addressed to the client.  The selected file(s) will be attached and the Subject filled in for you.  You may type in your note and click Send.  Once the new message opens in Outlook, Gopher assumes you are going to click Send and creates the necessary tracking record, modifies the target list record and adds note pad entries showing the resume was sent.

Note:  The Resume option is only available on the Outlook menu if you have found the position on the Position tab and the Resume tab is currently active with a resume.