Email Memo Template

When you have a name selected on any of the six tabs in Gopher, you may send an email to that individual using one of the memo templates that have been set up in Gopher by clicking Outlook on the Gopher menu bar and Email Memo Template.  Select the applicable memo template on the menu that opens.  The list of Memo Templates that appear on the menu are those memos that have been assigned “TEMP” as the Memo Type.  A new Outlook message will open with the selected person’s email address in the To box.  The Memo subject appears in the Subject box and the narrative on the Memo tab will appear in the body of the email.  You may modify the email if necessary and click Send when ready to send.  At the point that the email opens, Gopher assumes that the memo will be sent and a note entry will automatically be added to the recipient’s note pad.


Note:  If an HTML version of the memo is found, it will always be used in the email.  If merge fields were added to the memo, the merge will automatically occur when the memo is selected.