E-mailing a memo to selected names

To e-mail a memo to selected names on a ‘find list’, follow the steps outlined below:

1) Generate the list of people to email the memo to from any of the six tabs.

2) Select the memo tab and find the memo to email.  If the memo must be added, select the Profile tab, find your name, RIGHT click the Memo tab and click Add.  Type the email in the Memo Body and the subject in the Memo Subject and click Do It to save.

3) Select each of the names on the ‘find list’ that should receive the memo.  Multiple names can be selected on a ‘find list’ by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking in the select box to the left of each person’s name on the list, SelectBoxOnFindList.  To select all names on the list, click Edit on the Find list menu bar and click Select All.

4) Once the names have been selected, click Email on the Find List menu bar and click Memo tab body.  The memo body will then be e-mailed to each of the names selected on the ‘find list’.

Note:  A separate email will be sent for each person selected and a note entry will be added to each of the recipient’s note pads.