Email and Gopher

Emailing has been standardized in all areas of Gopher.  You may send an email to someone that is currently open on any tab in Gopher by using the Outlook menu on the Gopher menu bar.  You may also email to any individual or group of people by selecting the name(s) on a Find List, Bookmarks List, Target List or Matches list.  I will describe here how to email to an individual on a tab by using the Outlook menu option.  However, these same options apply to the lists, just select the name (or names) on the list that you wish to send an email to, and select the applicable Outlook Email option from the menu bar on the list.


Note:  When sending a mass email from Gopher, you will no longer receive those annoying security warnings from Outlook which require you to click Yes for each recipient of the email. 

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The Gopher/Outlook Connection