Editing Profile during Resume Import

A new feature that is offered is the ability to edit the profile record during the import process.  To do this, click Options on the Gopher menu bar and select Pre-edit resume import.  During the import process, a “Pre-edit resume import” screen similar to the one pictured here will open.



You may make changes to information in any of the boxes shown.  This is a great way to correct information that was not parsed properly and update any applicable codes as the resume is within your view. 


When you click in a box that contains a drop down list of options, the list of available options will appear in the lower right portion of the Pre-edit resume import screen.  For example, when I click in the Source box, I see my options for Source appear similar to the screen shot pictured here.  I can then select an option from the list or manually type into the Source box.




Pre-Edit Resume Import options