Drop Down List Fields

Several fields on the Profile tab contain drop down lists.  For the Applicant, these fields are:  ‘Current position plus any position qualified for’, ‘1st code box’, ‘2nd code box’, ‘3rd code box’, ‘Source’, ‘Box 0’, ‘Box 1’ and ‘Box 2’.  For the Client, these fields are ‘Functional Title’, ‘Source’, ‘Box 0’, ‘Box 1’ and ‘Box 2’.

Note:  When the cursor is on one of the drop down list boxes on the Profile tab, the drop down list will automatically open.  You may select one option or multiple options from the drop down list by clicking on the description(s).  You may also choose to not select from the drop down list and type directly into the box.  If you wish to type directly into the box instead of selecting an option from the list, you must RIGHT click in the list.  This will clear the list from the screen allowing you to type into the box.

Note:  The three code boxes are an exception.  These are required fields so cannot be left blank.  Only one code may be selected in each of these three boxes and you do not have the option to manually type a code that is not on the list.


Modifying the Options in the Drop Down Lists