Displaying Company Lists

CompanyListButton  A Profile record when selected and in the no command mode displays a list next to the Company Name field.  Clicking the list will display a grid as shown below.


The grid contains a list of names, titles, phone numbers and reports to names for everyone identified in the profile record with the same company name.  The list enables quick access to all known individuals at a company and can be used as a call sheet or as an aid in a marketing conversation with a client or applicant.

The grid also has drag and drop capabilities.  Click and hold the mouse button down on any row, drag the mouse to any tab and a query list will be generated for the name of the person on the selected row.

Example:  Clicking and dragging a name to the Memo tab will provide any memos written to the selected person and the Note Pad will show all notes for this same person beginning with the most recent.

Note:  Reports To is taken from the snap shot of the person on that row.  Refer to “Snap Shot Person” in the “Snap Shots” chapter for more information.