Delete Synced Email

You may delete any emails that have been synced to Gopher by selecting the emails to delete and clicking Delete Selections on the menu bar.  The emails will be deleted from Outlook and removed from the sync table in Gopher.  If you have already published the items to Gopher, the notes and memos will not be deleted.


Note:  As mentioned above, the emails that you delete from the email listing in Gopher will also be deleted from your Outlook.   






The E-Mail menu consists of eight different options and the availability of the various options depends upon the type of record selected when E-Mail is clicked. The E-Mail options are compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Gopher Email.  Outlook Email is the default e-mail option selected in Gopher Options.  This may be changed in Gopher Options according to user preference. 

Note:  If Gopher Email is used, the sent emails are not stored anywhere.  Whereas in Outlook, all emails sent through Gopher will be stored in your Outlook’s Sent Items folder.


Using Gopher Email