Customizing User Defaults (Defaults tab)

The Defaults tab in Gopher Options defines the information that is displayed in certain fields on the Profile, Memo and Position tabs in Gopher when a new record is added.  The tab displays information for each Gopher user.  All of the options are User specific.  The information for each user can be viewed by scrolling forwards or backwards with the arrow keys on the bottom of the Gopher Options screen. 


The name to the left of each white box defines the tab the default applies to.  The remember  represents the default log on ID for this PC.  A YES in this box will cause the User ID shown to the right of the user’s name to display when Gopher is opened.  This should be NO for the user ID of GO4. 

Note:  The Default Log on ID default option only applies to those individuals who have purchased a single-user license of Gopher.  The Default log on ID should be NO for each user if you are on a network with more than one person using Gopher. 


Changing a Default