Customizing Keywords (Keywords tab)

Keywords are those skills which can be considered the buzzwords of a particular profession and are used to summarize the qualifications of a candidate.  Keywords are displayed in the two skills boxes on the Profile tab in Gopher, as well as the Required Skills on the Position tab. 

Keywords are loaded as a dictionary in Gopher Options on the Keywords tab.  Once they are loaded, they are available for use in an Add, Change or Find on the Profile tab of Gopher.  During a resume import, the resume is parsed for any keywords in your dictionary.  Any keywords found will be saved to the Skills box on the Profile tab.

Keywords are database specific.  The database that the user ID of GO4 is pointed to on the User tab is the database that will be updated when changes are made to Keywords.   


Above is a view of the Keywords tab used to maintain the keyword dictionary.  The keywords feature is enhanced with the ability to add synonyms for each keyword.  Refer to the keyword ‘GL’ in the view above as an example.  You will notice that GL has three synonyms associated with it, including: G/L, General Ledger and general ledger.  When Gopher parses resumes for keywords it will load ‘GL’ to the candidate’s profile if it finds GL, G/L, General Ledger or general ledger in the resume.  This is a very precise and robust method of determining keywords.  It then enables you to search for the one keyword ‘GL’ on the Profile tab as opposed to performing an ‘OR’ search on the Resume tab for all of the various synonyms. 

Note:  The keyword dictionary is case sensitive.  When adding the synonyms be certain to add all instances of the keyword that might occur on a resume. 

Note:  We recommend that you add to the keyword column the smaller version of the keyword (i.e. GL as keyword and General Ledger as synonym).


Adding Keywords

Changing Keywords

Deleting Keywords