Creating a Memo using HTML

The memo tab now offers html editing!  This gives you the option to send out email blasts that are nicely formatted.  You may change aspects of the font such as type, size and color, as well as create links, insert images, etc.  You may set up an unlimited number of templates, incorporating any of the fields from the profile tab in each of the templates.  A mail/merge will then automatically be performed when the memo template is selected to be emailed. 


The html editor integrated with Gopher is the nBit WYSIWYG html editor.  You do not need to understand html coding in order to use this editor as it works much like a modified word processor such as MS Word.  However, there is an nBit User’s Guide that you may refer to as it describes each of the toolbar buttons and menu options in the html editor.  This guide is named HTMLEditorUserManual.pdf and can be found in your …\go4\WordDocs\GoodToKnow folder.


To create an html version of the Memo, click the htmlOff button in order to turn the html on.  The HTML editor will open.  The HTML editor will remain open until you close it by clicking the htmlOn button.  The HTML editor can be resized and repositioned on your screen.  Gopher will remember the placement and continue to open in the same location. 


I like to position the editor over the memo narrative and note pad (see screen shot below).  That way, I still see the entire Gopher screen.   



Note:  It is very important that you save the html version prior to leaving the HTML editor screen.  To save the html version, click File on the HTML editor and choose Save to Gopher.  I recommend saving often, just like you might do while working on a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.


If Gopher finds an HTML version of the memo currently open on the Memo tab, you will see a message that states “HTML version exists”.  If Gopher does not find an HTML version of the memo, the message will state “No HTML version exists.”  When choosing to email this memo, if an HTML version is found, it will be used in the email.