Company Name validation

If the Validate Company feature is turned on, when the first three characters of the company name are typed in the Company Name box, a search of all previously entered company names is performed in order to find a match. This feature minimizes data entry errors and inconsistencies and increases accuracy when performing queries.  If the three characters match the first three characters of a company name previously entered, the entire company name will appear in the ‘Company Name’ field.  If more than one company and less than eight were found with the three characters entered, a drop down list box containing all of the matched company names will appear.  If the correct company name appears in the list box, it should be selected.  If the ‘Company Name’ has not been entered previously, the following message will appear: ‘The company name you have begun to enter does not exist in the Gopher database.  If you continue with this name a new company name will be added to the Gopher database.’   Click OK to continue.

Note:  ‘Validate Company’ is turned on/off on the ‘DB Options’ tab in Gopher Options.  You can determine if the feature is currently turned on by looking above the Company Name box on the Profile tab.  You will see a ‘Validate Company’ check box similar to the one pictured here: ValidateCompanyCheckBox