Changing a Default

To change the defaults for a user of Gopher:

1.  Close Gopher if it is currently open.

2.  Open Gopher Options. 

3.  Click the Defaults tab.

4.  With the Gopher Options scroll bar on the bottom of the tab, move to the desired name.

5.  Click in the white box for the default you wish to change, and replace the text currently there.  You cannot leave any of these boxes empty.  If you would like the default for Sir Name and/or State to be generic, you might choose to type ?? or XX in these boxes.  To view the available default options for the codes boxes, click the Codes tab in Gopher Options. 

6.  All options save automatically.  Once you have completed setting the defaults for the selected user, you may scroll to another user by using the scroll bar. 

7.  Close Gopher Options or move to another tab in Gopher Options when you have completed setting the defaults for each user of Gopher.