Changing a Caption

To change a caption for a field on the Profile, Position, Tracking tabs or Target list, follow the instructions outlined below.

1.  Close Gopher if it is currently open.

2.  Open Gopher Options. 

3.  Click the Captions tab.

4.  Click the button for the tab or list you wish to modify a caption on.  (e.g. To change a caption for a field name on the Profile tab, click the ‘Profile’ button. 

5.  Once a button is clicked, you will have access to the drop down listing of field names.  Select the field name of the caption you wish to change.  Note:  Only field names whose captions can be changed will be displayed in the drop down list.

6.  Replace the existing caption with a new one.  All changes are saved immediately.

7.  Continue replacing captions as needed.  When you are finished, close Gopher Options.  When Gopher is re-opened, you should see the new captions.