Calling techniques

When you finally get a potential candidate you have a Golden Minute.  There are some techniques you should use when you get this opportunityThe general plan is no pauses; mention their name often; never try to convince someone (no buts); lead them with yes's; if you say it, it's doubtful; if they say it, it's true!

Some good points to remember and even use in your dialogue are that you are the expert.  For example, how good can you be at something you do only about every three years (change positions) vs. someone like us who does it many times every day.  Another way of looking at it might be the particular applicant is probably an expert at JAVA, C++, UNIX, VISUAL BASIC, etc. because they work in this area 8 hours and sometimes more a day.  How would they react to an opinion from us regarding a suggestion on coding in ACCESS or UNIX.  Not very well because our knowledge is purely hearsay and we have no practical experience, and that is exactly the way they should feel about their knowledge in changing positions vs. our knowledge.  We talk to many, many people (clients and applicants) every day regarding salaries, trends, benefits, interview debriefings, desirable characteristics and skills.  Another proof of an agent's value is his/her exclusive use in the big buck salaries of company presidents, sport figures and entertainers.

Note:  Additional information on calling techniques is also given in “The Art and Science of Making Recruiter Calls” in this chapter.