Bookmark List

The Bookmark List is a new type of list that you create by adding names to it, or removing names from it.  The list can pertain to anything you want.  Names are never automatically added to or removed from this type of list.  The primary difference between the bookmark list and hot list is that the hot list is a dynamic listing based on a query and the bookmark list is a static list based on the wishes of the recruiter.  The recruiter can add names to and remove names from a bookmark list whereas the hot list simply shows you the results of a query.


Opening Bookmarks

Bookmark List Options

Deleting a Bookmark List

Copying a Bookmark List

Adding a New Bookmark List Name

Adding Names to a Bookmark List

Bookmark Row Options

Deleting Selected Bookmarks

Select Bookmarks to Save as a New List

Sorting Bookmarks

Emailing Names on a Bookmark List

Transferring Names from a Bookmark List to Contacts in Outlook

Transferring Names from a Bookmark List to Gopher Planner

Transferring Candidates from a Bookmark List to a Target List