Auto Import

The ‘Auto Import’ method is so called because you may set Gopher to automatically check for resumes periodically throughout the day, and when Gopher finds resumes in the appropriate folder, Gopher will automatically send them to iRex for processing and will automatically retrieve them.  Follow the steps below to use this method:

Note:  If you have not set the cycle in Gopher Options yet, that must be done first.  This only needs to be set once.  Close Gopher if it is open and open Gopher Options.  Click the ‘User Options’ tab.  Find your name and check ‘iRex on’ if it is not checked.  In the ‘Cycle in minutes’ box type the number of minutes that you would like Gopher to wait before it checks to see if resumes are ready to be processed.  For example, if the cycle is set to 30, every 30 minutes Gopher will perform the check.

1)  When you receive a resume that you would like to import into Gopher, save the resume to your go4\Resumes folder.

2)  Gopher will check for resumes in this folder every x minutes (x being the number of minutes set in Gopher Options).  When Gopher finds resumes there, it will process them using iRex.  When the resumes have been processed, a box similar to the one pictured below will appear in the Gopher status bar.


Note:  To speed up the process, in Gopher you may click the iRexButton button.  When this button is clicked, Gopher will immediately check for resumes in the go4\Resumes folder and will process any found.  So, if you have the Cycle set to 60, but need a resume imported immediately, save the resume in the go4\Resumes folder and click the iRex button in Gopher.    

3)  Click the box to import the resume(s) into Gopher.  Once clicked, the following dialog box will appear:  Gopher2004IrexImportMessage  

If YES is clicked, Gopher will provide you with each person’s name as the resume is being imported.  If the name on the resume is already found in your database, Gopher will warn you and will provide you with several options. 

If NO is clicked, Gopher will automatically import each resume.  If the name on the resume is already found in your database, Gopher will not warn you and will automatically import the new resume, creating an entirely new profile record.  Since duplicate names of the same type are not allowed in Gopher, a unique number will be added as the middle initial for the new record.  For example, if Jonathon Kelly’s resume is being imported and a Profile record already exists for Jonathon Kelly, the new Profile record will contain the name Jonathon 1 Kelly.

4)  If YES was clicked in step 3, for each resume being imported you will receive a dialog box showing the person’s name (i.e. Import Jonathon Kelly from iRex).  You have the following three options:  a) Yes: click to proceed with the import; b) No: do not import this applicant, but continue on to the next person; c) Cancel: do not import this applicant and clear the file – do not import any others that were processed.