Applicant, “I plan to stay till retirement/project completion” or “I need the training/medical coverage

If they plan to retire soon, they are probably not good applicant material but they may be even more valuable if cultivated as a referral source or used as a 'who's who' in their company.  Talk to them!

If they answer with anything else repeat the objection.  “You have until?” Then wait for them to speak with more information.  “If the total opportunity to move right now more than made up for what you're accomplishing by staying, would it make sense for you to explore it?” “Great!  Now here is your opportunity ....”  The most important thing is to get a specific date of when the project, training or need for medical coverage ends.

If they are not retiring, ask for address information to keep them abreast of the industry with position market information, “I will leave it to you to contact me if there is an interest.”

      Get them to talk about their position and then go for a referral.

      “What would lure you away?”