Applicant interview preparation, checklist

      The interview questionnaire has been mailed.

      You’ve told them how to dress, remembering that one person's idea of 'spiffy' is another person’s picture of 'ridiculous’.

      You’ve told them how to fill out an employment application.  Leave expected salary off, no reference names that you don't already have, no discrepancies in the resume you have and application filled out neatly.

      You’ve prepared them to ask intelligent questions and avoid monopolizing the conversation.

      You’ve convinced them not to establish a salary figure.

      You’ve lectured them on the dangers of 'bad mouthing' former associates or employers.

      You’ve explained that the 'Art of Interviewing' means to always get the offer and never react to negatives in a negative way.  The time to respond to negatives is better after you have an offer, when you can do something about it.

      Have they been 'charged up' and made acutely aware that enthusiasm for the opportunity will win over everything -- dollars, title, responsibility and experience?

      Has all of the above been explained enthusiastically and painted in vivid pictures, leaving absolutely no question as to what you mean?