And/Or searching in Matching Attributes

When multiple matching attributes are selected, an AND search is performed.  Under a particular matching attribute, when multiple options are selected either an AND or an OR search is performed.  The symbol designating that an AND search will be performed is And.  The symbol designating that an OR search will be performed is OR


Example:  I have an open position that requires Loans and Mortgage experience in the Banking industry and the qualified candidate must speak Spanish fluently.  The company will not pay for relocation, and in this particular area, the client feels as if a 20 mile commute is the maximum that a candidate would be willing to travel to work.  The easiest way for me to find matches is by selecting the appropriate matching attributes for this position.  I open Matches from the position’s target list and make the selections as follows.  In the Languages list, I select Spanish.  In the Industry Code list, I select Banking.  In the “Required Skills to Profile Keywords” list, I select both loans and mortgage.  In the “Acceptable commute” list I select within 20 miles.  I then choose Run on the Matches menu bar.  Fifty-six names were found.  I want to further narrow my search by selecting only those candidates with status A for active or U for unemployed and were added to Gopher within the last 6 months.  I open the Status list and select both A and U and open the Profile record date list and select less than 6 months.  I keep all the other selections I previously made and click Run again.  I now have a list of 21 names.