Ads are the common tool of Agencies and Personnel departments to attract applicants.  You can place ads on the internet on job boards and in any major paper in any city.  Sometimes it may be a good strategy to advertise in a paper that covers a firm where you know those types of candidates exist.  Trade magazines, papers and web sites are also a good vehicle for professional ads.

Preparing Ads

You should always ask for a fax of the proof.  If this can't be accomplished, ask the ad person to read you back the proof and find out what the policy is on mistakes and determine what the cut off is for corrections.

If the ad is going to run in a large daily newspaper like the LA Times, it should only be run on Sunday unless there is some sort of cost effective way to run it on other days also.

Always consider circulation when deciding which magazine or paper to use and find out if there are separate regional areas in which the ad may be run.

It goes without saying that more space draws more response, but content is also important and it breaks down into:

      Skill Words


      Nature of the Business

      Who You Are


Your logo should always be used.  Remember, a major reason for using an ad is name recognition.  This means the benefits may not come in the way of a candidate that can be placed, but in a successful cold call to an applicant or client because he/she recognizes your name.

Answering Ads

When an applicant answers an ad it is very important that the recruiter know how to take the call.  The recruiter has two objectives in taking the call; establishing trust (control), and getting enough of the right informationSee the section 'Getting Information from the Interested Applicant'; it describes the mechanics of applicant control and the information you must have on applicants.