%?%Adding Planner entries for multi-selected names

In order to add Planner entries for selected names, the Planner tab must be active. 

Multiple names can be selected on a ‘find list’ by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting the names.  To select all names on the list, click Edit on the Find List menu bar and click Select All.

GreenPlusDrag Dragging selected names on the ‘find list’ will produce the green plus sign icon.  Dropping the icon on the Planner tab adds Planner entries for the selected names.  Each entry will be saved with the following information:  ‘Planner Task’ will be saved with the phone icon for ‘call’, the ‘Planner Date’ will be today’s date, the ‘Name’ will be the selected person’s name and the ‘Planner By User ID’ and ‘Planner For User ID’ will be the log-on recruiter’s ID.