Adding Names from Matches to Planner

To add candidates that were found in Matches to your Planner, follow the steps below:

1)  Select the names in Matches to transfer to your planner.  Click in the box to the left of the Name, Box, in order to select a row.  The row will turn white when selected.  You may use the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard to select multiple names. 

2)  Click Add on the Matching menu bar and select Add selections to planner

3)  If you wish to add a comment to appear in your planner for each of the candidates’ selected, type the comment in the “Enter planner comment if desired” box that opens.  Click OK.  The names are immediately added to your planner.


Note:  The candidates will be added to your planner for the day that is currently selected on the calendar.  Typically, this would be the current date.  To add the names to a different date, prior to going through the steps above, select the applicable date on the calendar located on the Planner tab.